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Liberty Natural Products, Inc. v Valerie Hawk Hoffman, David Hoffman, Sunrise Herbal Remedies, Inc. Dissolved and Sage Advice of Palm Beach Inc. 

Liberty wins in court!  The suit, CV08030717 was filed in the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for the County of Clackamas.  Plaintiff Liberty Natural Products, Inc. sought relief from the Court for non-payment of goods shipped and also for payment of inventory specially formulated for Defendantís Sunrise and Sage. Defendant Valerie Hawk Hoffman claimed protection from personal liability based on doing business as multiple corporate entities.  Defendantís Sunrise and Sage counterclaimed for damaged goods, loss of income, and for breach of contract in the use of a product name called Chill Out.

On Friday, March 27th, 2009, the Presiding Judge of  the Circuit Court of Clackamas County, Oregon  rendered a decision on the subject suit.  Plaintiff completely prevailed in its monetary claims for non-payment of goods and formulated inventory.  The decision also found that Valerie Hawk Hoffman was personally liable for the monetary judgment in this action .   Defendant's counterclaims for damaged goods, loss of income and breach of contract in the use of the product name Chill Out were found to be without basis and dismissed.  David Boyd Hoffman was found to not be personally liable in this action.

Liberty Natural Products Inc. Files Defamation Action for Ripoff Report postings.

Liberty Natural Products, Inc., and myself, Jim Dierking, have been the victim of a variety of defamatory remarks in two false postings at, prior to and after the rendering of the above judgment of 3-27-2009.    Litigation has been initiated to obtain a court determination that the postings are in fact defamatory and an award for damages.

Links to the reports are being posted here at our website to address the defamation  for the benefit of our existing and potential customers who may run across the postings while surfing the web.


While our history of integrity, quality products, and customer service are known to our existing customers, many of whom have been purchasing from us for decades, we are particularly concerned that potential new customers who are searching the web for botanical extracts and essentials oils, who only see the search engine caption, will avoid considering us as a supplier.  We are creating information in the hopes that Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search enginess will index information about our defamation litigation  next to the Ripoff Reports and help mitigate the negative black cloud the defamatory reports have created.

Defamation, Personal Liberty and the Communications Decency Act of 1996.

The defamation against Liberty reflects that flaws in the CDA passed by Congress and leading edge legal questions that need to be answer by the courts or Congress to protect individual rights. If you are interested in defamation follow the link:

Jim Dierking,


Liberty Natural Products, Inc.