Jasmin: How it Comes to LNP

Jasmin is one of the most important, and therefore valuable, perfume substances available. In fact, the old adage "no perfume without jasmin" is still not far from fact, even with today's plethora of artificial alternatives. LNP presents this pictorial as a tribute to this great substance.

The exotic scent of jasmin begins with the flowers of jasminum officinale, a herbaceous-sweet, fruity-green odored plant that grows in Southern France, Spain, Algeria, Morocco, India and Egypt. LNP imports jasmin products from India, where the flowers are hand-picked.

The raw flowers are collected in baskets and trucked a couple of miles to the processing plant. In the old days, jasmin was processed by the enfleurage method. While yielding the finest grade of jasmin oil, enfleurage's inherent cost and difficulties have caused it to be supplanted by solvent extraction.

The flowers received from the fields are loaded into huge metal containers called static extractors. Each extractor has a capacity of 200kgs of flowers per batch.

The extractors are closed and Hexane solvent is pumped into them from storage tanks. A three-stage extraction is then performed with the Hexane getting richer in perfumery content with each stage. This substance (the Hexane after extraction) is called Miscella.

The Miscella is distilled in a falling film evaporator until 90% of the Hexane is evaporated. Thus concentrated, this "version" of the Miscella is then fed into a vacuum distillation unit where it is distilled to obtain the final concrete.

Jasmin concrete is the processed raw material from which jasmin absolute is derived. Both forms of jasmin material have uses. While the absolute form is used by the perfume industry, jasmin concrete is used in soap perfumes where its effect can be utilized at surprisingly low concentrations (thus making it useful even in so-called medium cost soap perfumes). Because we service the soapmaking market and the aromatherapy market, LNP carries both the absolute and concrete forms of jasmin.

The finest jasmins are the result of knowledgeable and experienced distillers. Liberty's close relationships with producers--such as our India contacts--ensure our offerings are produced by highly-skilled artisans making the highest quality jasmins. We follow the flower from the field to the distillery to bring you the best notes of this wonderful substance.