The Soapmaker's Equipment List

  1. one 4-to-6 cup mixing container made of lye-resistant material (I use a stainless steel mixing bowl)
  2. one heatproof container that holds at least 2 cups (I use a Pyrex measuring cup)
  3. stainess steel, plastic, wooden spoon or a rubber spatula
  4. two thermometers made of glass or stainless steel (candy and meat thermometers work well)
  5. eye protection (wear sunglasses if you have to!)
  6. rubber gloves (optional)
  7. scale to weight the fats and lye
  8. soap molds (any flexible plastic container works well)
  9. a clock with a second hand or other type timer
  10. wire whisk (optional)
  11. pot holders or oven mitts
  12. measuring spoons