Always a bit high spirited,
Stev H. Ominski is seen here feigning a trampling
by a Columbia Mammoth in one of his paintings.

About the Artist

Ominski is a long time professional in the fine arts, concentrating in the fields of painting and drawing, and focusing on subject matter found in the natural world of the Pacific Northwest.

He has shown in numerous one man and group exhibitions in galleries and museums in Washington, Oregon (and Kansas, but that’s another story) and has been included many times in group exhibits at the Portland Art Museum along with OSU’s Art about Agriculture and Seeing the Forest traveling exhibits. He was once featured for a mural project in American Artist Magazine (April 1989).

Occasionally donning his illustrator/researcher’s hat, Stev has also pursued the story of the Ice Age Floods for over ten years. His works on the topic have been exhibited in natural history museums and have appeared in numerous publications including the Seattle Times, and the New York Times. He recently completed a series of commissioned illustrations for Washington State Parks, for their Ice Age Floods interpretive sites, as well as a large canvas (9.5’ x 10’) on the floods for The Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, in The Dalles.

 Our association with Stev actually goes back to the very early days of Liberty Natural where he was one of the first contributors to our product label designs.

 At this writing Ominski is busy putting the final touches on a painting for our poster of our farm, featuring Mt. Hood in alpine glow, echoing a foreground of mature lavender under the final rays of a harvest sun.   

 Be sure to come and meet Stev and see this work at the festival!