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There are “Green” Printers and then there is CORE Communications


                                                       Many printers claim to be ”Green” due to the use of recycled papers, vegetable inksand scrap paper recycling.
But we take it further…much further.
We maintain a comprehensive and innovative program that actually brings Sustainability Factors into our practices.


In 2005, CORE was the first printer in the Northwestern States to actively seek and qualify for FSC Certification. Our interest was to purchase and forward to our clients, paper stocks that have come from sustainable foresters. This process involves a “Chain of Custody” records system for the pulp fibers as the trees are cut, through delivery to you, our client.


Other Sustainable Features include:


Listed with

SmartWood was the world's first independent forestry certifier. Established in 1989, they pioneered the concept of forest and forest-products certification, which has since taken hold around the world. SmartWood is the world’s leading nonprofit forestry certifier.


Member of Oregon Natural Step

The Oregon Natural Step Network was formed to support Oregon business, governmental, and educational organizations interested in using The Natural Step framework for sustainability. The Network is a membership organization open to interested organizations and individuals.


CORE is supporting clean energy as a champion-level Blue Sky partner.

CORE purchases 154 blocks of Blue Sky renewable energy each month or 15,424 kilowatt-hours , which represents 75 percent of its average monthly usage. During a 12-month period, the combined environmental benefit is equivalent to planting 36,354 trees or not driving 396,551 miles. This eliminates 185 tons of CO2.


Upgraded Facilities

Lighting systems have been upgraded to energy efficient, electronic ballast, full spectrum fluorescent lights. We even save our paper towels for composting and have installed light-saving motion sensors in restrooms.


Reclaimed Solvents

We reclaim used cleaning solvent through settling and filtering, saving on purchasing solvent and saving on NOT shipping barrels of solvent off- site for treatment and disposal. This accounts for about 330 gallons per year!




As we have listed ethical solutions for fiber conservation; selective forestation for improved stream and water conditions; and an energy partner program with Pacific Power, our current focus has been business fiber conservation through more selective print ordering.


What do we mean by “selective print ordering”?


 With our revolutionary new HP INDIGO 5500 digital press, we can provide true “offset quality” for on-demand printing needs.


There are some big advantages in using this type of technology:


Order and pay for only what you actually need. Our high-quality digital press makes printing much more affordable in smaller quantities. This means that instead of ordering a quantity (to get a good price) that traditionally sits in your inventory for an average of 3 to 9 months, you can now order the quantity you need for a week or month. This is a sustainable feature for you to participate in.


            ◦ No inventory obsolescence

            ◦ Pay as you go, not in advance

            ◦ Reduce your inventory space

            ◦ Change pricing or promotions immediately

◦ No discarding of old inventory (save paper and the energy / materials that      are used to make it)


Address your customers by their name or other personal identification. With this press, you can select and address individuals who are more likely to respond to your marketing…in color.  Surveys have shown that printing your client’s name, business, location, hobby, buying habits, etc. increase your promotional returns significantly.

In so doing, you can narrow down your mailing lists by categories, interests, sales histories or regions….thus saving paper and energy while performing better.


So, whether you look at our paper recycling of over 130 tons per year, our unique solvent reclaiming program, or the far-reaching features of “re-thinking” how you market printed materials, CORE Communications has come a long way.


We hope to include your company to our growing list of firms that care.


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