Come to the festival early to observe the distillation of lavender

flowers in our essential oil distillery. Learn how botanical oils are extracted

and enjoy the unique aroma that permeates

the air during this age-old process.

We will start distilling at 10:00 am

View GardenTime's Video of our distillation process

The lavender grown at our farm is Lavendula angustifolia (Buena vista), which is an English lavender variety developed by Oregonian Dr. Don Roberts. It was developed for its superior bouquet and rich blue petals.

Our fields are managed using sustainable, non-pesticide, non-herbicide agricultural practices. We are 100% ORGANICALLY certified through Oregon Tilth!

The lavender essential oil is extracted using steam distillation. In this process steam is supplied from the boiler into the distillation bins. The steam rises in the bins through the cut flowers and stems known as the charge. As the steam rises through the charge it heats up and releases the volatile oils and non-volatile plant water constituents. 

The vapor then rises to the top of the bin and exits through piping which feeds to the cooling condenser. Like a chiller used in brewing, cold water flows through concentrated tubing to transfer the heat away from the vapor. The cooling effect returns the vapors to a liquid state.

The liquid then flows from the condenser into a separator. The separator is designed to allow the lavender essential oil to rise to the top where it is drawn off. The distillate water, also known as hydrosol, flows from the bottom of the separator where only the water has dropped.